Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Reviewing Scale

For Games

     Sorry for the lateness of my third post, life can get a little crazy at times! Anyway today's post is going to cover a very important section of this site before I get down to reviewing games. How I will be reviewing and scoring games. There will be five categories, all will be based on the classic 1-10 grading scale. The total score then will be devised from combining all five sections and dividing by five. Simple enough right?? So here are the categories:
  • Graphics: Many of the games I review will be older games so I won't deduct points based on how they stand up to games of today. They will instead be judged based on how the would look for a handheld in, say, 1993. I myself am not a "graphics whore" I personally care more about all three sections below more than I care for graphical content. 
  • Gameplay/Story: This section I've decided to combine because of old games, again. Last time I played Tetris I don't quite recall the epic romance saga played out in Mode A. No, nothing like that, all games will have their gameplay judged, no game will get an unfair advantage if it has a story, I could easily give Tetris and Chrono Trigger  DS 10/10 in this category, and last I checked Chrono Trigger has one of the best stories in video gaming history Tetris...well....see above. 
  • Longevity: A very key aspect in a review (my own personal opinion), this will judge how likely you are going to come back and play the game over and over again. It will depend on the category of the game, but many games do have fantastic replay value.  
  • Controls: Ah, how could I almost forget!!!!!!!!!! Controls! Very, very important in video gaming in general. This section will just be looking at how the controls work for their respect handhelds no DS VS. GBC. 
     Alright so there are the categories, simple and straight to the point. The scale is quite simple too; 1 being the lowest of the low, 10 being a masterpiece anything below 5 okayish to awful, everything 6 up ranges from mediocre to masterpeice. So to show how I'll do my math this is where an 8/10 would lie on my scale, 36-40, would be an 8 combining all five categories so...lets say I gave a game an 8/10, 8/10, 7/10, 9/10, 8/10 that would all combine together for a perfect 8/10!!!!!
     There is the review scale, hope you guys will like and feel free to suggest changes, I totally open to new ideas. I'm right now picking which game I'll review first...probably a Gameboy game. I will hopefully have that up in the next week!!!!!! Right now though my next entry will be up much sooner, a handheld system review...that should be up within a few days!

Handheld Guru ^_^       

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