Sunday, October 5, 2014

Welcome to my Blog!

          Hello and welcome to the blog of Handheld Guru!!!!!!!!!! I suppose introductions are in order; though all you really need to know is that I am a collector and a gamer of just about all things handheld video game relatedness. I got my first handheld 10 years ago on my 7th birthday, a Gameboy Advance SP. Quite honestly I wasn't into handhelds or video games in general until two things happened; Pokemon Diamond in 2007 and the DSi in 2009. Pokemon Diamond was my first Pokémon game, I received it a year after I got a DS Lite on my 10th birthday (now thats destiny!). Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon in general got me into handhelds and gaming all at once, the DSi however thats when I knew there would be know turning back. I purchased a DSi within a week of its North American launch back in 2009. As looked and discovered new information about the then new DSiWare Shop Channel I found out more and more about the greatness of the Nintendo DS and video games in general. A few short months later I decided I wanted a Gameboy Color, (mostly for Pokémon Silver XD) while that dream wouldn't become a reality until late 2011, it was the idea and early foundation for my future collection. 
          Now in late 2014 I own roughly (AKA I'm to lazy to keep counting it!!!!) 20ish handhelds and I love video games. I decided to start this little blog for a few reasons; to show off my collections, flex my reviewing muscle and to share my passion with other gamers. Handhelds are often relegated to 2nd class citizens compared to the big bad consoles, sure they may not be as powerful as you 1080what-ever-the-heck, but handhelds are still so much fun and I'd argue...better. If you share a similar radical thinking this blog is for you and all other handheld gamers everywhere.
          So once more welcome to the blog, pull up a chair and stay a while! Hopefully I'll be able to keep this place up a bit better than my Youtube :P I do hope you'll all enjoy. Now if you'll excuse me I got go take a few pictures for my next little feature, stayed tuned!

Handheld Guru ^_^   

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